ICG Sample Slabs






This is an important sample slab because it was created in response to the  that 2007 Presidential “Golden” Dollar Series, and the first ICG Slab

allows viewing of the Edge lettering



                          ICG Coins of the world Sample Slabs

This “Coins of the World” Sample Slab was created for an individual’s business and only 20 were made with this 1962 Great Britain Penny.

. The Pruta stopped being minted in  1960  when the Israeli government decided to change the subdivision of the Israeli pound into 100 Agorot this was a necessary thing to do with the constant devaluation of the Israeli pound, rendering coins smaller than 10 Prutot useless.                                                                

Here’s another ICG Sample with an interesting Mexican 1963 20 Centavos, and what an interesting coin from Mexico! Both obverse and the reverse of the coin are filled with a beautiful design. This is what I enjoy about coins from Mexico. They never disappoint when ever a new coin is minted.