This chart is about sample slab values, slabs that have been sold and for what price. It is just a guide nothing more, but you can see how much  samples have sold for. . Even the same samples are listed as for the most part all sold for different prices. If you are bidding on a sample in the list and there is more than one example you can get and average of what you think is a fair price. As I am doing this by TPG there will be differences in the dates as I am trying to group them when possible by Denomination as per the TPG.

This is just the beginning of the value charts that will be posted. It will take time to list all the sample slabs that have sold in the last few months. It will also be updated as time permits,  hope it helps.

Serial Number Coin Date/ Type / Denomination Grading Co Selling price Date sold   Grade
 Ser# N/A 2000-D New Hampshire State Quarter  ICG   $4.95 May,24,2012  N/G
 Ser# N/A 2000-D Massachusetts State Quarter Courtesy of L.A.N.  ICG   $4.99 May,07,2012  N/G
 Ser# N/A 1999-D Delaware State Quarter, Quality You Can See  ICG   $9.50 Apr,29,2012  N/G
 Ser# N/A 1999-D New Jersey State Quarter  ICG   $4.99 Apr,29,2012  N/G
 Ser# N/A 2001-D Rhode Island state The Great American Coin Show #288 of 500  ICG  $6.50 Apr,29,2012   N/G
 Ser# N/A 2000-D Massachusetts State Quarter, Courtesy L.A.N.  ICG  $7.95 Apr,2,2012   N/G
 Ser# N/A 2000-D Massachusetts State Quarter Courtesy – CollectorUSA.com  ICG   $4.99 Apr,21,2012  N/G
 Ser# N/A 1999-D Pennsylvania State Quarter CollectorUSA.com  ICG   $7.58 Apr,21,2012  N/G
 Ser# N/A 2006-D Colorado state Quarter  Quality You Can See  ICG  $4.99 Apr,14,2012  N/G
 Ser# N/A 2005-P Jefferson Nickel, Buffalo, Central States CSNS Convention April 16-19 2008  ICG  $8.95 May,07,2012  N/G
 Ser# N/A 2005-P Jefferson Nickel, Buffalo , Central States  CSNS Convention April 16-19 2008  ICG  $7.95 Apr,22,2012  N/G
 Ser# N/A 2006-P Jefferson Nickel  Baltimore Coin & Currency Show March 16-19th 2006  ICG  $13.50 Apr 21,2012   N/G
  Ser# N/A 1959 Lincoln Memorial Cent,”Quality You Can See,”  ICG  $7.39 Apr,22,2012  N/G
Serial Number Coin Date/ Type / Denomination Grading Co Selling price Date sold   Grade
 Ser# N/A 2007-P George Washington Dollar SVCC 50th Anniversary  ICG  $10.50 Apr,21,2012  N/G
 Ser# N/A 2007-P $1 James Madison-Presidential View Holder  ICG  $4.99 Apr,14,2012  N/G
  Ser# N/A 2000-P Native American Dollar – Quality you can see Courtesy – www.Coinland.com  ICG  $4.99 Apr,13,2012   N/G
  Ser# N/A 2000-D New Hampshire Quarter Courtesy of International currency  ICG  $4.95 May,24,2012  N/G
  Ser# N/A 2006-D Nnebraaka State Quarter LAUNCH OMAHA COIN CLUB 2006 April, 6, 2006  ICG  $17.50 Jul 23, 2012  N/G
  Ser# N/A Jefferson Keel Boat 2004-D 5C Nebraska  numismatics ASSO. 2005  ICG  $16.67 Jul 23, 2012  N/G
  Ser# N/A  2004-P OV 5C  OMAHA COIN CLUB 800TH MEETING 2004 December 17th 2004  ICG  $15.50 Jul 23, 2012   N/G
 Ser# N/A 1999-D 25C New Jersey State Quarter OMAHA COIN CLUB  ICG  $24.50 Aug,04,2012  N/G
  Ser# N/A 2001 Long Beach 25C  New York State Quarter FEB. 9-11 2006  ICG  $4.14 Aug,04,2012  N/G
  Ser# N/A  2006-P 5 C WESTWARD SERIES NICKEL  BALTIMORE SHOW 2006   ICG  $1.50 Aug,04,2012  N/G
  Ser# N/A James Madison Presidential View   ICG  $8.95 Aug,09,2012  N/G
  Ser# N/A 2005-D 5C Ocean view LONG BEACH SEPT.22-24   ICG  $9.99 Jul,23 12:40  N/G